• New Kind of Histopathology

    Move pathology into the future

  • Our vision

    Every year more than 14 million cancer cases are diagnosed. Virtually all of these patients will have to go through a histopathological exam. However, availability of pathologists is quickly becoming a bottleneck for treatment. We provide tools that make pathologists' work faster, more accurate, and more efficient.

    Cloud Based

    Stop worrying about your scans

    Whole Slide scans produce large files, which quickly become unwieldy to manage. You need special software to be able to view and manipulate them, and ensuring that your data is properly backed up quickly becomes a pressing issue. Our system takes care of that. Access your data through a web interface, while knowing that they are securely stored in the cloud.

    Quantitative Analysis

    Focus on what's important ​

    Human intelligence excels at many things, but mundane tasks are better left to computers. Let our Quantitative Analysis Engine provide you accurate numeric data about your data. Don't waste time counting cells, focus on what's really important.

    Deep Learning

    The Next Level

    Recent advances in Machine Learning, especially Deep Convolutional Networks allow us to make forays into the territory of automatic diagnosis.

  • Management

    We combine experience from Academia, startups, and big companies.

    Szymon Stoma, PhD

    Rom Litwin, MPA

    Edyta Petters, PhD

  • Consultants

    We have a team of consultants onboard!

    Magdalena Lewandowska, MD, PhD


    MD consultant diagnosing daily histopathological samples. Works at the University Clinics in Szczecin (Poland).

    Magdalena Stepien, MD, PhD

    Internist & Oncology resident

    MD consultant working in the field of internal medicine, with special interests in personalised medicine and oncology. Works in Municipal Hospital in Zurich (Switzerland).

    Magdalena Matusiak, PhD


    Researcher working on the interface of Bioinformatics and Pathology. Works at Stanford University in the Pathology group of Matt van de Rijn.

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    53-125 Wroclaw

    +48 516 361 269

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